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at the art association Culterim e.V.

The art association Culterim e. V. is a non-profit organization based in Berlin. The association is committed to promoting art and culture in Germany and supports artists and cultural workers by awarding space and work scholarships. Our goal is to use scholarships to offer artists the resources they need to freely develop their creative potential and make a sustainable contribution to society. We support artists from all backgrounds and disciplines and ensure that our scholarships reach a wide range of talents and artistic expressions.


The association is financed primarily by Culterim GmbH, which donates 5% of its annual turnover to our scholarship programs. Regardless, we welcomeDonate and active participation in our organization. We invite you to join our mission and promote art and culture. Regardless of whether you are an artist or art lover, are looking for support or want to give it - your participation is important to us. Together we can promote art and culture!

Space Scholarship

Allocation of exhibition spaces with curatorial support and exhibition fee.

Work Scholarship

Allocation of financial support over 6 months totaling €6,000.


Thanks very much!

Space Scholarships.
Work Scholarships.
Scholarship amount in €.
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