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Culterim Stipendium e. V

A non-profit organization promoting arts and culture.

The art association Culterim e.V. is a non-profit association founded in Berlin in 2023. The aim of the association is to promote art and culture by awarding space and work grants to artists and cultural workers.


Our vision is to alleviate the financial burdens artists often face. We understand that the journey in art can be challenging, especially when it comes to securing sufficient funding for projects, studio space, or even basic living expenses. For this reason, we offer monetary scholarships to artistic to enable talented people to concentrate fully on their work.


In addition to the financial hurdles, we see the importance of physical spaces for artists and cultural workers. A suitable exhibition location, curatorial support and a broad network are crucial to giving artists the opportunity to present their works appropriately. We are also convinced that visual artists should receive fees for exhibitions. Our spatial scholarships are intended to enable artists to gain a lasting foothold in art and make a contribution to society.

Kunstverein Culterim e.V. is also committed to diversity, inclusion and innovation in the art and culture sector. We warmly welcome all artists and ensure that our support reaches a wide range of talents and artistic expressions. We believe that fostering a vibrant and inclusive community can create a rich diversity of creativity that supports our societal diversity.

We are extremely grateful for the sustained support of the Kunstverein Culterim e.V. by Culterim GmbH. As a social enterprise in the cultural sector, Culterim GmbH makes a significant contribution by investing 5% of its annual turnover into our scholarship programs. This valuable support enables us to realize our vision and provide artists with the financial and spatial resources they need.


Dennis Gegenfurtner

Vereinsvorstand und Jury

Marthe Howitz

Projektleitung und Jury

Merwin Lüdicke

Projektleitung und Jury

Fred Unruh

Projektleitung und Jury

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