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Work Scholarship

Our working grant to promote art and culture.

We are aware of the challenges that artists face on their path. Major hurdles arise, particularly when it comes to securing sufficient financial support for their projects, studio space or basic living expenses. Our goal is to ease these financial burdens and give talented people the opportunity to concentrate fully on their creative work. 

With our work scholarship we award €1,000 per month over a period of 6 months. The scholarship holders are supported by us during the scholarship and have the option of a final exhibition in the Culterim Gallery. The application period for the scholarship is from November 1st to 30th of each year. Payment begins in January of the following year. All artists and cultural workers who have previously worked with Culterim (studio, artist-in-residence, exhibition, workshop) are eligible to apply.


  • €6,000 scholarship spread over 6 months

  • Optional final exhibition in the Culterim Gallery

  • Application period: November 2024

  • Nomination: December 15, 2024

  • Start of payment: January of the following year

  • Prerequisite: previous collaboration with Culterim

  • Necessary documents:

    1. ​Tabular CV, especially with artistic career (list of exhibitions, exhibition participations, presentations, awards, scholarships, etc.) (max. 2 pages)

    2. Portfolio (Max. 20 images of works from the last 5 years with information: title, dimensions, technology, year)

  • Application to:

  • Receipt of a confirmation email. Please refrain from further inquiries.

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